A Mistress's foot

- I'm going to teach you how to put stockings on me. You see, these are seamed stockings. They need to be straight up the back of the leg for best results. Take a good look at how to put them on correctly.
Intimidated, I start with my right leg. I pass the foot, the calf and arrive at the thigh. A little trial and error, a few adjustments, and finally the seam is straight and the result elegant.

- Now hang my suspenders.
You pull aside your negligee, reveal the top of your thigh and explain the manipulation. To your astonishment, I succeed on the first try.

- Behind now.
You turn around, reveal your buttocks. What privileged moments. I've touched your foot, caressed your calf, brushed against your thigh, and here I am with your beautiful curves just twenty centimetres from my face. The fabric falls, you laugh. You play with me as I hook the garter onto the stocking. Finally, I succeed.

- But tell me, do you know how to massage your feet? You wrote to me about it, I believe.
- I've never done it, but I've watched videos.
With a doubtful pout, you sit back down and hand me your bare foot. I make a few tentative moves. Is a Mistress's foot fragile? You rebuff me.
- I don't feel a thing. Try another way.
I'll try another move. I'm afraid of doing the wrong thing, and I'm not doing you any good.
- I can't feel a thing!
I try the last movement I've seen you do, hold your foot firmly, press my two thumbs underneath, move down and up along your plantar groove.
- That's better, put more force into it.
I squeeze as hard as I can, trying to please you. I can tell you're not satisfied. At this moment, I feel lost and deeply unhappy.

- Let me teach you another move.
I massage your pads with a twisting motion of my thumbs. At least you won't mind.
- Try the other foot. With the bottom, your fingers will slide better.
It's true, it's easier, but in spite of everything, your judgment is clear: I've got everything to learn. I thought I'd succeeded, and these ten minutes spent trying to please you are a fiasco, your look makes me feel it. I'm afraid I've ruined everything.

- Put on the other stocking.
Phew, something I've already achieved. And yet. The negative emotions I've just been through are having a bad influence on my movements. I fumble, think I've got it, and oh-la-la, the seam zigzags horribly. I take it down again, adjust it under your mockery. Now it's the suspenders' turn. You're all decked out and desirable.

- Put on my pumps.
I comply, still a little lost, my mind muddled. You spoke to me, but I didn't understand. Standing, facing me, you remove the last clamps.
- Stick out your tongue.
And then, a pinch on the tongue. I can't close my mouth. You pinch my nipples. My sex regains strength. Another strange device with a remote control. A ligature at the base of my sex, another at the base of my glans. Tingles run through my sex. It's pleasant, and I'm hard again.

- We look forward to seeing you.
You're shackling me to the chains hanging from the ceiling.
I live again under your fingers. It feels so good to be wriggling, moaning and laughing again. Suddenly, I stiffen. You've just bitten my aching side to the quick and are continuing from the bottom to the top, exactly where the clamps were. I groan, gasp. You're merciless, go to the other side.
- Oh, you're drooling all over yourself!

Testimonial from W.