A dungeon? No, a Cruel Boudoir

Welcome to the Pleasure Domme!

Sovereign of my own little world, I've gradually transformed my BDSM playroom into a well-equipped, hushed Cruel Boudoir. What's it called? L'Alambic. A masterpiece nestled in a beautiful building in eastern Paris, with its fireplace, parquet flooring, moldings and red drapes, it's not short on character. As you'll have gathered, neither do I.

Easily accessible, L'Alambic is located in the heart of Paris, next to a metro station.

Instruments of darkness

While tools never made a good Dominatrix, an abundance of goods never hurt. Here's what I could use on you during our S&M games... Use your imagination!

  • Saint-André Cross
  • Bondage table
  • Sling (sex swing)
  • God's Prayer customized as a restraint chair
  • Wooden straitjacket, humbler
  • Large and small spacer bars
  • Camisole de force, armbinder
  • Ropes, chains, straps, belts
  • Handcuffs for thumbs, wrists, ankles, leather or metal
  • Tweezers, nipple and testicle weights
  • Gags (gagball, bit, Jennings spreader), headbands, hoods
  • Single and posture collar, lead
  • Cellophane, body bag
  • Fucking-machine, strap-on dildos, plugs, anal hooks, dilators
  • Whips, dragon tongues, hammers made of leather, rubber, horsehair, whips, walking sticks, shafts, paddles
  • Electricity boxes with lassos and electrodes, dressage collar
  • Wartenberg rollers, Kali teeth
  • Chastity cages
  • Vagina/fleshlight, silicone half-doll
  • Low-temperature candles... and high-temperature candles!
  • Medical stapler, suction cups, plaster
  • Wigs, corsets, stockings, tights

Are you dreaming of something I don't have? Give it to me!

Cleanliness and hygiene

  • My place is clean, tidy and tidy before and after your visit.
  • My equipment is maintained and replaced as needed.
  • I use condoms on my sex toys and disposable gloves.
  • My equipment is washed, disinfected and, if necessary, sterilized before and after each session.

Introduce you to Me...