Oh yes, Madame, a séance!

Confide in me...

I can hear everything, as long as you follow my rules. Read at least the following pages:

  • The charter of our games.
  • My style.
  • My practices and limits.

No contact or request for information without a completed questionnaire.
Take the time, give me the details. Then I can imagine our session. Conversely, zero effort means zero results!
To ensure confidentiality, your questionnaire is secure.

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Important if I have to handle you on the ground, for example
Approximate number of sessions; details welcome - e.g. Dominatrices already met
Current problems, past injuries, allergies, phobias, current treatment - bring it on!
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Punctual, ongoing, one shot...
Fetishism - of what? - masochism, constraints, role-playing... Give details, not just a word. Please note: 1/ This is not a shopping list! 2/ Some games are incompatible with health concerns (e.g. heart problems/electricity).
Indicate several slots (day and time) so that I can choose (I never receive the same day).
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Down payment
Cancellation policy

Any last words, ma'am?

  • On the big day, be punctual or our session will be cut short.
  • A thoughtful gesture or small gift is greatly appreciated.
  • As soon as you arrive, the session begins. With a few exceptions, there is no "social time" in this setting.
  • When you arrive, let me know of any important details: stiff neck, recent fall, fatigue...
  • Nibble or eat lightly before coming. Avoid the discomfort of too much emotion on an empty stomach!

And now, let's play!