La Férule

Sex. Texts. Sexts.

What is the Ferula?

La Férule is a website of BDSM creations created by Madame Lule, an experienced Mistress-Woman and Dominatrix in Paris. It features high-quality content updated daily: BDSM stories, photos, sound creations, videos and testimonials from submissives.
Its content is available by subscription.

Devil inside

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  • Visit Malendriera perpetual calendar of domination/submission written by me. 365 days, 365 tasks.
  • Fitter (every other day): photos captioned by a lively pen. Keywords: fishnet, corsets, flesh, swift...
  • Leaf stripper (once a week): from erotic texts and BDSM stories to make you blush!
  • Whisperer (once a week) : from sound creations from domination sessions captured on the spot, in my home. dungeonfor prying ears.
  • Player (according to inspiration) : videos where I put myself on stage, femme fatale or dominatrix in action.
  • Passenger Where your little worlds meet my world!

The word of a fan!

"Madame, your site is magnetic, intelligent, sapiosexual, meditative. I'm tasting it slowly, like a very good tea, or a delicious dish. And from time to time, I'll bring you the impressions of my sips. Thank you for your initiative, and congratulations on your hard work, which is sure to delight travelers. A. "

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