La Loi du Talon

"If there's one point on which my feminine trinity agrees, it's to cultivate that which wears least as we use it: the exercise of our freedom. "(Alda Mantisse)

My largely autobiographical novel is available in bookshops (on order), on the Internet or on the website of my publisher, La Musardine.

Quick, the story!

My word about my words

First, I christened La Loi du Talon a catchy title, Shit in the headwho would dare go public with such a book? Spread out over several years, its writing was a slow, jubilant, arid and necessary process, because the time had come to speak with my professional Domina-author's voice.
Dominautrice? Yes, perfectly.

Neither racy nor pornographic, La Loi du Talon does, however, contain explicit scenes: many men, in order to exist, need to reconcile with themselves under the punch of a heel or the welts of a riding crop. And some women like me, Alda Mantisse the author, Madame Lule the professional dominatrix, my heroine Saskia or her avatar Mistress Malourène meet these needs with happiness, humor, awareness, apprehension and sometimes disgust.

Disturbing, La Loi du Talon is undoubtedly so, thanks to its style, which is by turns sober, lyrical, tender and crude - caresses as a pair of slaps are very popular, and Mistresses are not short of them. My dearest wish is that this text will shake up what is often considered unacceptable, twisted, perverse... incomprehensible.

A word from the editor

Beyond the behind-the-scenes look at BDSM and the fascination this world can provoke, this text shakes up the lines of what is often considered unacceptable, twisted or perverse. The accuracy of the writing quickly makes us forget the folklore, and our voyeurism turns into a deep attachment to Saskia, this Mistress Woman who does evil so well.

Reader's words-ices

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