Various collaborations

Are you looking for a professional Dominatrice for an interview, workshop, article or art project?
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My favourite subjects

Whether you're a specialist or a generalist, here's the list!

Textual obsession

In another life, I lived by my pen. I still write, mostly in short forms (articles, posts, short stories).
Are you working on a film, series or documentary about BDSM or professional domination? I'd be delighted to testify or lend you my expertise.

As I lived and worked abroad for a decade, I do speak English fluently.

Around BDSM

  • Visit professional dominationof course.
  • Pictures and representation of the BDSM world.
  • The ethics of practice, consent and abuse.
  • Psychological aspects : legitimacy, empowerment, mental health.


I have various projects in the pipeline, and this list is updated regularly.

Evenings and workshops

  • Le Boudoir InfernalWe'll also be putting on some crazy, high-end themed evenings with Maîtresse Blanche and Inanna Justice.
  • The power of softness at Hellfist (June 2023), at Erosphere (July 2023), FranceFemdom (June 2024).
  • Initiation to the art of dominationfor private groups.
  • Creaturification with Inanna Justice at Goûters du Divin Marquis and Kinky Saloon.
  • Assistant on The poetics of play by Nicollate (Erosphère 2022).

Voice-overs, performances

  • The Ritualshort film by Jinklab starring Inanna Justice and Maîtresse Blanche, in competition at the San Francisco Porn Festival (2024). Writing of the film text and voice-over, in French and English.
  • Les Impénitentesprofane ritual under the control of Catherine Robbe-Grillet" at the Centre Georges Pompidou.
  • Non-executive at SNAP (Sexworkers Narratives Art and Politics), Brussels (2022).
  • Rouge Marquis at SNAP (2023) and Les Chahuteuses, Histoire de Q, a "festive and militant cultural object, somewhere between cabaret, stand-up and round table".

Talks, podcasts, interviews

Art books and websites

  • La Loi du Talon from La Musardine.
  • Anima Caninacollection Immoral from La Musardine.
  • The Emanusculea journey of submission.
  • La Férulemy site of BDSM artistic creations.
  • MinordomesMinordomic journey with Inanna Justice.