Butlerfrom Latin major domus. The head of the house, the estate.
Minordomefrom Latin minor domus. The minus of the domain.

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A trip to Minordomia, aka Butt-lers' land

Périple en Minordomie, an artistic, playful and fantastic journey organized by Madame Lule & Inanna Justice. Four exceptional photo galleries to discover, with a bonus behind-the-scenes look at the project.

Once upon a time...

... a Reinaume or two friends, Inanna Justice and Madame Lulereigned as Mistresses. Under their orders and at their feet, their little impersonals: minordomes, at once servants, footmen, mats and whipping boys, in short, objects dedicated to the sole pleasure of these Ladies.

Once upon a time...

A journey of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step, so they say. The first step in Minordomie, aka Butt-lersIt all started with a joke: what if, to break with classic BDSM codes, we Dommes donned a ball gown and our submissives a bow-tie suit?
The result: scenes combining fantasy, charm, sensuality, humor and elegance. The concept Minordomes was born. There was no question of stopping there! Step by step, the small pleasure trip became a demanding journey spread over several years.

Lower the Minordomie drawbridge...

Back from minordomy

"The idea of a digital exhibition is very well found; the site is very well done; it's a very good thing to offer several formulas to make it more accessible. Although it started out as a simple delirium between two friends who were accomplices, gamers and passionate about BDSM, the investment and seriousness you've both put into this project shines through.
A very successful blend of aesthetics (outfits and accessories, photo quality), BDSM (staging, D/s intensity, SM games, 10 commandments for each gallery), a certain craziness and a large dose of humor (texts on the site and each photo in general, puns...) " Knighty.

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