Help with erotic writing and BDSM

When the blank page invites itself or the pen resists... Madame Lule, lend me your pen!

To the letter

In another life, I lived by my pen. Today, I still write, though more for pleasure.
Page after page, the list of my possible :

  • Building or strengthening a plot.
  • Help you create a character; give you my opinion on a psychological path, the plausibility of a situation.
  • Help you write a synopsis or presentation.
  • Refine your style.
  • Simply to read you!

In practice

  • Coaching takes place in video or in face-to-face (30mn minimum).
  • Please describe your request in detail: your need, the format of our meeting (planned duration, video or face-to-face), your availability (dates and times, several slots).

My interloped writings

  • La Loi du Talon from La Musardine.
  • Anima Caninacollection Immoral from La Musardine.
  • The Emanuscule, a journey of submission.
  • The section Under my pen of this site.
  • The section Leaf stripper from La Férule.