Small gifts, big impact

Would you like to give me a gift? Get my attention? Thank me? Pay tribute to my work as an artist? 
This list is regularly updated. If you're not sure, just ask me.


Caresse de Cuir



Pressure cooker

Croqueuse... and no diamonds!

I don't eat much sweet food, and even less sweets.

  • Visit coffee and quality teas : Milky Oolong, Earl grey, green tea... I enjoy it in huge glasses. cups which I call "swimming pools". Smaller ones are called "foot baths". I welcome colorful pools and foot baths.
  • From white wine or whisky. Not bourbon, whisky. Caol Ilaa sure bet. Intravaganza and spicy notes, Cap a pie or Overraged from Michel Couvreur. I love discovering new bottles!
  • The spices and especially pepper (a thought for M. and his Madagascar pepper!).
  • The orangettes, the very dark chocolate (72% minimum) and especially the house Patrick Roger. 
  • Visit honeythe kumquats of my childhood and the calamansis of one of my former lives.

In other words: whether it's BDSM, human relationships or cooking, I like what surprises, stings and electrifies. Neither marshmallow nor syrup, and even less molasses.

Inspiration woke

I've received (sometimes endured!) a demanding intellectual training. I read a lot and try to keep up this good habit:

  • Just kids by Patti Smith.
    We'll weather the storms, by Anne-Laure Bondoux
  • Kink Kong theory by Virginie Despentes.
  • The time of fire will come by Wendy Delorme.
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

La Férule


La Loi du Talon


The store

My e(c)lective affinities, music and films

To travel, to express myself, to learn, to share... This is the meaning of my life. My tastes are sharp, my sensitivity acute, my curiosity lively, my time limited. I think fast, sharp, leaping, leaping, 360°. I get bored quickly. I'm not a good listener. 

  • My musical pantheon has long brought together Nick Cave, Keith Jarrett (ah, the Köln Konzert ), Miles Davis, Tom Waits. I listen to a lot of different styles, especially jazz and electro.
    Self-composed playlists are welcome.
  • I have an extensive film culture and a keen eye for photography. Some films others haunt me. Let me discover your favorites! I don't watch popular comedies, blockbusters, superhero movies or SF. I revel in independent films (in VO only), "switched on", off the beaten track, powerful. I can handle roller coasters.
    I like to have my heart upside down and my head right side up.

Donations and subscriptions

These associations and media are close to my heart. I already support their causes and actions through subscriptions, monthly or one-off donations. Please do the same!