My domination style

Every Mistress has her own style. Mine is an alliance of opposites. Depending on my mood and your attitude, I'll be icy or warm, haughty or prickly, brutal or subdued. A certainty? The predictable wearies me, the mechanical drives me away.

My career as a Mistress

Becoming a dominatrix is a vocation, and even a long road. I am a Experienced mistress. I've been involved in the Parisian BDSM scene (but not only) since the mid-2000s. I've been playing since I was very young, and have been consciously playing for over fifteen years.
SM games and D/s relationships are part of my lifestyle.
My approach to domination is not gynarchic. I don't think women are inherently superior to men - and certainly not vice versa.
I take the term "submissive" with a grain of salt. I've found that many men who claim to be submissive are, above all, submissive... to their own desires. Very few put the desires of their Mistress, professional or otherwise, before their own.

I don't dominate today as I did yesterday. Over time, my tastes have changed. I've become interested in a variety of practices, sometimes far removed from my own fantasies; I've incorporated into my games those that, sometimes against the odds, I found appealing. My style is like me, always evolving, sometimes strict and meticulous, other times playful and spontaneous, often close to the body, other times at a distance.
I love whispered words and shuddering silences, perverse games of double bind, the stories I invent and draw you into, the occasional roll of the dice that never abolishes chance.
I like to use severity but also gentleness, even tenderness. Tenderness, yes. It's a mistake to think it's incompatible with BDSM: acute sensitivity doesn't mean lack of authority, empathy lacks power.
Personally, I'm more of a martyr to those who inspire me...

My sessions range from the soft to the hard, sometimes harsh, distant, sunny and even funny. Did you doubt it? I have a sense of humor. BDSM doesn't have to be serious, stilted or formal. It's also - and above all - a huge field for exploration and play... for the pleasure of playing!

Find out more ? Listen to this episode of the En Marge podcast. I'm the guest.

In the name of

My way of dominating is born of an encountermy world and yours. My sessions are tailor-made. So it's impossible to predict how they'll unfold (within your limits, of course). Think of a thriller: do you want to know the ending before the beginning?

I'm a perfectionist, so I don't do a lot of entertaining, and never on the same day, between two doors. I shun the vulgar, the sloppy. I don't shout (what's the point?). If I insult, it's with choice words. If I destroy, it's in order to rebuild: I have no taste for lasting physical or psychological degradation.
To descend to my feet is also to rise.

Before you comeI think about your request, prepare the space, my toys, my equipment and my outfit. I attach great importance to atmosphere, lighting and, above all, music.
In session I'm fully here, connected to you. I like to modulate the game, stir it up and above all have fun!

Visit safetyI also take part in workshops and courses (English cane, bondage/shibari, first aid...). I also give courses myself on various subjects.

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