A domination session?

Contacting a Dominatrix isn't always easy... How do you go about it? When will I see you, and how? And for that matter, will I receive you at all? Asking yourself these questions is a good sign. Don't allow yourself to be the daredevil - and to be recognized as such.

A BDSM session, yes, but for whom?

For you, perhaps, whether you're male, female, LGBTQIA+.
I will not select you on any of the following criteria: your ethnic origin, your appearance, your profession, your sexual orientation or your experience.
As a professional dominatrix, what matters to me is your respect for me, the sincerity of your approach and the harmony between our erotic worlds. Keep in mind that I'm not a performer, nor a small hand at your service.

In my Boudoir, humor is appreciated, as is a little thoughtfulness. Visit my wishlist.

"Madam, I'm a novice/beginner!"

Very good. Confidence: aware of the importance of a first time, I particularly enjoy initiating novices. The taste of novelty, no doubt!
Are you nervous, shy or scared? It's perfectly normal.
Are you REALLY nervous, shy or scared? Let's meet for a drink first.

"Madam, I am not submissive!"

Fetishistsmasochistsamateurs sensory explorationscurious about other spices? My place is open to you if you respect my rules. The main one: at all times I remain Mistress of Ceremonies.

"Madam, we're a couple!"

Welcome! Let's discuss your expectations and build a scenario: who will dominate whom, and how?
Please note that I will ask to speak to your partner to ascertain his motivation and limits.

"Madam, I want to learn!"

Let's agree on one coaching session. I can help you gain confidence, breathe life into your ideas, advise you, train you in certain practices, give you my opinion as a professional dominatrix on various subjects: consent, power dynamics, safety...

A BDSM session, yes, but how?

My projects are numerous, my life very busy. Contact me in advance for an appointment!

  • I welcome people between 12.30 pm and around 10 pm (end of session time), on weekdays or weekends, but never on the same day.
  • The sessions take place in mon Cruel Boudoir, L'Alambic. If we already know each other, I can come to you under certain conditions.
  • I communicate by e-mail only.
  • A deposit is mandatory.
  • My preference is for BDSM sessions of two hours or more. However, 1h30 is still possible.
  • I prefer ongoing relationships to one-shots.
  • I'm not looking for no exchange of services or submissive membership.
  • No negotiation of my conditions will not be tolerated at any time.

One step at a time...

  • Step 1: you send me your completed questionnaire. Detail your search! I'll get back to you as soon as I can, even if you say no - as long as your request follows my rules.
  • Step 2: we agree on an appointment. This is only confirmed once a deposit has been paid. You will receive instructions for our meeting.
  • Step 3: on D-day, you turn up at time H. The session starts immediately, with no social time. You take a shower, and I remind you of the safety rules.
  • Step 4: end of session. You can shower again. I suggest a time of exchange to give you a break. exit hatch (10-15mn).