The Emanuscule

Erotic pen, thoughts, rituals, fantasies, stories... Here you are L'Émanuscule, Intimate journeys of submissionDiscover it, buy it, devour it!

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The Éma... What is it?

Minuscule, manuscript, uppercase, masculine, emasculate... There's more than a little of all that in this strange work. Not quite a task book, not quite a logbook, not quite a collection of texts, not quite a diary, L’Émanuscule is a laboratory of BDSM possibilities, a fantasy box or a Pandora's box from which your most beautiful vicissitudes will emerge. The only limit is your imagination!
So you can read the chapters in order or out of order, all at once or in instalments, starting with the last or the first. My only advice would be to carry out, theme by theme, the tasks that inspire you, but also those that don't inspire you. In my experience, confusion sometimes arises from what is displeasing or even disgusting at first sight.

Feel free to invent your missions and record your experiences, adding pages to each chapter. Live them alone, in secret, at your own pace and to the best of your ability, or share them with the One(s) who give(s) meaning to your submission.

Make them, make me proud.
Be fearless. Be yourself.

The Emanuscule includes 13 chaptersand anecdotesand photosand tasks to do for submissives.

Please, Madam, an extract!

"Stepping out of the shower after our first session, a customer said to me:
- Madam, I have two passions in life: BDSM and eating fat.
It was so unexpected that I had to stop myself from laughing, although I suspected that these two pieces of information, however remote, were not juxtaposed by chance in the same sentence. For my client, there was a link, a bridge that it was up to me, the architect of fantasy worlds, to build.
At first, I imagined force-feeding. The image of my little hands pouring cheese, pâté, rillettes and strings of sausages down the gullet of my Gargantua strapped to an upright chair immediately came to mind. Wrong."
(Beginning of chapter Patience, Le Reflux du monde)

They said...

I particularly enjoyed getting to know you a little better through the writings in your book. I could say that I've read it and not quite yet..., because I'm sure that each rereading will be conducive to new reflections and self-introspection. I'm sure I'll be able to complete certain tasks without any preconceived ideas. It's a beautiful work of art you've produced here. Thank you very much. Paul

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