Emanuscule dosage

Hello, ma'am,
As promised, I'd like to give you my feedback on your book Emanuscule,

This one is dense, a real journey of transformation.
I left your book open for many days, many weeks. It was always among the other open PDF documents. Madame Lule was always there. I'd open a document and oops, there you were! Remember to lock the computer every time I left my workstation. A little break, a little break, reading a few passages from your text.

As you say, "Our session's about to start, or rather, it's already started in my head,
When I've seen your photos or read your texts, replied to your tweets, contacted you to get access to your "Emanuscule".
You choose your dominatrix because it suits you, I'm looking for elegance, your artistic side. I also have a cerebral need to write. Your site MadameLule, La Férule and l'Emanuscule allow me to satisfy this need. Obsessive, I want to delve deeper into subjects and tackle all their facets. To read you is also to know you, what drives you, as your flesh indicates.

To take full advantage of your thoughts and leads, I read and reread the instructions. It's also my "good student" side and always this obsessive, workaholic side.
Very cerebral, domination in the physical allows me to reconnect with my body even in pain. Like many people, confinement or reconfinement has also enabled me to refocus on myself. This reconfinement has benefited us with the writing of your book.
The overall feeling from reading this course is that I am very far from being the perfect submissive. I'm too hyper-controlling. It is, however, a wonderful discovery of your world. I've been self-medicating with your dosage.
Your seven reasons for writing made me think of the 7 deadly sins.
The 7 deadly sins of the submissive :

  • Stinginess, not to do him any favours
  • Envy. ... to put his own desires before those of his mistress
  • Laziness. ... not being fully involved and committed to the session
  • Gourmandise. Of wanting to test new sensations
  • Pride. ... Leave it at the door
  • Impurity or lust. ... It's the nature of our fantasies to be considered outside the realm of normality.
  • Anger at society's hypocrisy towards TDS.