A lover of your pen

A. read my book La Loi du Talon and liked it. He made a point of telling me, which, as an author, I'm delighted to hear!
Thanks A.

Please accept my sincere compliments on your book. I've been looking forward to its publication with great enthusiasm, and reading it took little more than an evening and a morning of roses.

I've always been a fan of your writing, and rediscovering the pleasure of fine literature has enchanted me. I feared for you in those moments when you come across misguided and threatening souls, was touched by the references and love shown to the strong women in your family, and appreciated the authenticity and sagacity, but also the questioning along your path, or Saskia's.

I loved the way you portray your friends, your advice, the relationships that bind you together. And also the bonds forged in the moment or over the longer term with men, loves, lovers or clients.
I wish you every success with your wonderful work.
You're doing good!