An unforeseen event

Facing you. In your den.
I expect a friendly, well-mannered exchange, taking our time before gradually moving towards a BDSM exchange. But no, you surprise me at the outset with a brutal "Show me your ass, and manage to show me everything!" while I'm still standing, fully clothed, and mentally still in the "before" life... I'm amazed at such speed.
Sitting down, calm and relaxed, you confirm your order without leaving a micron of doubt about your will. I comply, seized by a cloud of emotion. Like an automaton, I drop my pants, then my briefs to my ankles, kneel at your feet, ass towards you, rest my head on the floor in a position of uncertain balance and open my buttocks wide with both hands.
The obscenity of my display plunges me instantly into the role of submissive, like a vertiginous descent into my basest instincts. I sense that the afternoon is just beginning, and that I'll be nothing more than a plaything for your desires.
Satisfied, you allow me to get up and put my pants back on, but now I have to stand shirtless in front of you.
- Shine up!
I'm not sure I understand what you're ordering me to do," he murmured with a mocking chuckle. It's about stroking my chest hair. I comply. I find it a little ridiculous, but you seem to like it a lot, seeing it as a return to man's primitive animality.

We enter your boudoir. You show me a new feature, two chains attached to the ceiling, before blindfolding me. I'm shirtless under the chains, in my pants. I know I won't be able to see a thing for the next few long minutes of play you direct.
- Get your sex out!
Once again, the blunt brutality of your order takes me by surprise. My cock pops out of my jeans, I know you can see it, I can't see you. You tie my wrists to the chains, arms spread high.

Everything is ready for today's scenario. Action. You're the director, I'm your actor, and I have to rehearse a scene under your supervision in which I'm screaming with sexual pleasure. In order to work out the character, you had the idea of chaining me up, blindfolded and with my dick hanging out. It's amazing how creative theater people can be when it comes to working on their art...
You encourage me, I force myself to moan once, five times, ten times, twenty times... louder and louder because it's never credible enough for your ears. Then an unexpected event interrupts the start of our rehearsal. The doorbell rings!
You leave me behind to open the door to one of your friends, who wanted to pay you an impromptu visit. From the other side of the closed curtain of your boudoir, I can hear your conversation:

- You don't mind, do you?

- Not at all ... or rather, yes, a little, I'm rehearsing with an actor.

- Ah well, I'll leave you to it then...

- No, no, stay, it should amuse you if you want to watch us work!

Listening to you converse in the most banal of ways, I know that in a few minutes you'll be inviting your friend Lorelei to do whatever she wants with me. The thought of it sends an anticipatory shiver of pleasure through my body.

You invite Lorelei to follow you into the boudoir.

- Ah Ah... What are you doing, Lule? Is this how you work?

I feel Lorelei's gaze on me, on the chains, on my cock poking out of my jeans. My breathing becomes more jerky. She laughs in astonishment, then gradually takes an interest in our games.

- Oh, so anything goes to make him moan? Funny... can I pinch it?

Her voice, at once naive and curious, confuses me deeply, as she speaks of me as an object, without even addressing me directly, quite naturally accepting the idea that I belong to you and that you alone decide my fate.

Lorelei stands in front of me, I can tell. She grabs one of my breasts and squeezes it, timidly at first, then, noticing my lack of reaction, more forcefully. Pain, I groan.

- Ah it works well, look!

Lorelei is won over by this providential opportunity to have fun, and has no intention of stopping there. I can feel her getting more and more motivated to try everything to get me to moan for real. She's listening to your ideas, curious to try out everything on her new human toy. While discussing with you the best ways to reach your goal, she regularly pinches my breasts one after the other, more or less hard. The pain intensifies, I moan more and more, but she doesn't seem to hear me, as if it's still far below her expectations.
This idea makes me shudder a little, I understand my pain to come.

One accessory catches her eye: a sort of electric garter that can be wrapped around the thigh, triggering electric shocks remotely with a small remote-controlled box. This toy seems to amuse her to no end.
You pull down my pants and briefs to my ankles. As you equip one of my bare thighs, Lorelei laughingly pinches my nipples. The accumulated pain gets really intense, and I moan without restraint.

- We don't really believe it right now, but go for it!

One press on the box and Lorelei sends a jolt up my thigh. I let out a short scream.

- Is that all? Is that...?

You show him how to increase the current.
New pressure, stronger and longer.

- Ah well, now it's starting to look like something! she says.

What follows is a random succession of electric shocks in my bare thigh and pinching of my breasts. The succession of pains gradually puts me into a state of subspace.

My brain no longer thinks. The pain reduces me to an aching body mass. I can hear you talking to each other, commenting, enjoying my reactions, and I no longer try to coax you with a smile or a light word, as I may have tried to do at first, because neither of you ever paid any attention to me, inflicting pain after pain without hesitation.
I'm nothing but a whining machine on command. No filter, no restraint, no modesty.

Lorelei, ever inquisitive, is keen to try out other accessories.

You hand her your whip. She tests its power on my buttocks, asks to whip my back, amuses herself with the rashes that appear here and there.

- You can whip it everywhere, as much as you want. I'm glad, you can really hear him making cum sounds now, it sounds super real don't you think?

- And what's that thing?" asks Lorelei, pointing to a small toothed wheel.

You show her. She immediately goes to test her new toy on my buttocks, then moves past me and continues her exploration on my sex, my glans, my testicles.

She's having the time of her life. I moan again, seized by a salvo of powerful tingles.


Little by little, I feel my orgasm rising, you finally allow me to cum by holding a glass under my cock.

I explode. A wave of heat sweeps over me, my body spasms.

You collect my semen in your wine glass with a big smile, proudly show it to Lorelei before putting it under my nose.

Pour in a little orange-tree liqueur, stir with a teaspoon, and hand me the glass.

- Drink, swallow.

I comply, in three gulps. Under both your amused glances.