Mouth-watering delights


Be my gourmet! - Beatitude de la ripaille

At Le Boudoir, we taste... Ask for the menu!
The entrance? My guilty pleasure: fluids, champagne, drool, spit and divine snot. All over you, without exception, and even inside you. Ingesting Mistress is a tasty experience.
The main course? A bowl of pre-chewed or mashed food.
Dessert? A cream pie in the face. Splosh!
The drink? More than enough water to watch you empty yourself in front of me, eye to eye, quivering with shame or pleasure.

Bon appétit, it's the Boudoir's treat!

Good to know:

  • The house does not extend credit and accepts tips.
  • Caviar is excluded from the menu.
  • Report any food allergies or intolerances (peanuts, gluten, lactose, etc.).


It's stopping yourself from urinating for so long that the relief of emptying your bladder feels like an orgasm. Given the proximity between clitoris, vagina and urethra, this pleasure would seem to be reserved for people with vulvas. Is this really the case? Penis wearers, enlighten me!